How to Overcome Dry and Fluffy Hair

Having dry and fluffy hair seems to be a nightmare for some women. However, several ways such as routine use of conditioner after shampooing, choosing the right shampoo for the type of hair, to use coconut oil or jojoba oil in the hair seems to be able to overcome the dry and swollen hair that you experience, you know…Causes of Dry and Fluffy Hair

Even though every month your hair always grows, your hair only grows about 3.8 cm. Dry hair will make it expand like a lion and make it difficult to regulate. Of course, you don’t want to have dry and fluffy hair, right? For that, you have to take care of your hair so that it is always healthy and shiny like the shampoo ad model on television.
Your hair becomes dry because your scalp cannot produce enough head oil to moisturize your hair, or your hair loses its moisture. As you age, your hair will naturally produce less oil. A dry scalp will make your hair dry too.

In addition, some of the problems that can make your hair dry are washing your hair too often or using a hard shampoo to make your hair’s natural oil disappear; often drying or blowing on the hair; often using straighteners and curling irons; your hair is too often exposed to sunlight, wind or dry air; too often do hair treatment using chemicals, such as coloring and permanently curling or straightening hair.
This Is How to Overcome Dry and Fluffy Hair
After knowing some of the causes of dry and fluffy hair, here are ways to deal with dry and fluffy hair, including:

  • If your hair is dry and fluffy, you can try using olive oil. Olive oil can soften, strengthen to the hair shaft, and maintain moisture in the hair. Olive oil is also believed to be able to make your hair shine, because this oil smoothes the outer hair of the hair.
  • Chamomile oil and coconut oil. Both of these oils can make your hair look shiny and make it soft. In addition, chamomile oil can soothe your scalp. How to use it is quite easy, namely by applying oil in your hair, your headgear using a towel cap or shower cap, wait for about 30 minutes, then wash thoroughly.
  • Jojoba oil can be used to moisturize, add nutrients, and stimulate your scalp. How to use jojoba oil with other oils.
  • Always use shampoo according to the hair type. Use a type of lightweight shampoo specifically made to help dry hair, which contains a little detergent (cleanser). In addition, choose hair products that do not contain alcohol, because alcohol can make your hair dry.
  • After using shampoo, don’t forget to add conditioner. The conditioner can make the culture contain natural oils.
  • Do not wash your hair too often. You can wash your hair one to two times a week, not every day.
  • Protect your hair from heat and exposure to the sun for too long. If you live in a dry climate, wear a hat when you go outdoors. Use a head covering during a bath or when swimming in a pool / sea, to avoid your hair from chlorine and salt water.
  • In addition, it is important to eat healthy foods, such as salmon for glowing-looking hair, spinach for brittle hair, and guava to prevent hair damage.

After you apply various methods to overcome the dry and fluffy hair that has been described above, but your hair is still dry and brittle, try to consult a doctor. Because some diseases such as anorexia nervosa, malnutrition, Menkes syndrome, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidism can make your hair dry.

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