Hair Cutting Tips – How to Cut Your Own Hair by Your Hand


Are you tired of paying to much just to get an haircut, that is at best ok? Then perhaps now is the time to learn how to cut your own hair, so let’s begin with a few very simply hair cutting tips. When you apply these simple techniques. You will very quickly begin to learn how to cut hair. I still recommend visiting your stylist if the cut becomes uneven or when it comes to coloring or hi-lighting.

The easiest way to cut hair is to first wet it. That way it is much easier to handle and cut, so start by shampooing and conditioned your hair.

Once the hair is shampooed and conditioned, brush or comb the hair straight down with your desired part. Working now in small sections will result in having an even cut. Always start from one side. Then cutting from that one side to the other. Be sure to always double check and making sure the cuts are even. Then just repeat, cutting small sections of hair at a time. For best control hold the hair in between your index and middle finger.

When dealing with curly hair, you will need to make sure that you start with dry hair before cutting. Reason being is if you cut curly hair while its wet. the hair will spring back much shorter. Which can result in having too short of a hair cut. Curly hair almost always spring back much shorter. This is because the more you cut off the less weight the hair has to pull the curl down. You will start to get a really good idea how much the hair will spring back once it dries.

Once you believe your finished with the cut. Go ahead and double check, making sure that the cut feels and looks even. This can easily be accomplished by taking the same sections of hair from the exact opposite sides, then bring then forward towards the front of your face either to the eyes, nose, chin or jaw. You will want the two lengths match up evenly.

As for cutting your bangs, This needs to be done with your hair dry. For best result don’t try and cut a even or straight horizontal line with your scissor. Instead just point cut using the tips of your scissor. Always cut less the more. For layers just section the bangs and bring the hair up and point cut the ends. This will give you nice soft layers.

Remember to keep your styles simple at first when doing a hair cut at home. One of the most easiest and common cuts will be a one length hair cut. Just first decide on the length your going to cut. (I recommend no more then an inch at first) As I stated early, work in small sections by combing your hair straight down. Then hold each section between your middle and index fingers and slowly cutting off the desired length. Continuing from one point and working your way around the head. This method works equally well for both long, medium and short hair.—How-to-Cut-Your-Own-Hair&id=3210126

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